Frequently Asked Questions

Glau-Vue Ophthalmic, Inc FAQs

What is Glau-Vue Ophthalmic, Inc?
Glau-Vue Ophthalmic, Inc is a medical device company created to develop and market ophthalmic products and procedures to treat eye disorders worldwide. Its initial product is the Glau-Sert device to treat open angle glaucoma
What is the Glau-Sert?
The Glau-Sert is a patent pending device that treats open angle glaucoma. Glaucoma results from a buildup of fluid pressure in the eye that damages the optic nerve.
How does the Glau-Sert work?
The Glau-Vue Ophthalmic, Inc system consists of a device, called a Glau-Sert, attached to the external surface of the patient’s eye using an inserter, markers and a Glau-Ring™. The design of the device reduces intraocular pressure (IOP) by changing the anatomy of the eye. A set of four Glau-Sert*s is placed in each eye during a 30-minute outpatient surgical procedure under local anesthetics using a Glau-Ring, a disposable inserter.
What makes the Glau-Sert unique?
Based on current technology, the Glau-Vue Ophthalmic, Inc system is the only known procedure that is external, reversible and noninvasive. It is expected to reduce the need for prescription eye drops, the common, long-term treatment for open angle glaucoma. Its efficacy does not rely on patient compliance.
How does the Glau-Sert device compare to other treatments for glaucoma?
Glau-Vue Ophthalmic, Inc uses a noninvasive procedure that is reversible and can be performed in an ophthalmologist’s office. It eliminates the use of eye drops and invasive surgery which alters and cuts the cornea. These surgical procedures are not reversible. Another procedure in use inserts and sutures contact lenses into the eye, also making the procedure irreversible.
Does the procedure require special training?
Yes, ophthalmologists will be trained and certified in the insertion of the Glau-Serts. Trainings will be scheduled at medical meetings or virtually.
What are the requirements for maintaining the Glau-Serts?
After the Glau-Sert has been inserted, glaucoma patients will see their doctor every three months to get their pressure checked. A three-month visit is the standard treatment protocol for all glaucoma patients regardless of treatment.
What are the risks associated with the Glau-Vue Ophthalmic, Inc system?
The primary complication results when the Glau-Sert is not inserted correctly. As in all medical procedures, infection is another concern. Both of these risks are expected to have very low rates of incidence and, therefore, training and technique are critical to avoid any problems. If an infection occurs, patients are effectively treated with topical antibiotics and medication.
How do the risk factors compare with those of other treatments and modalities?
Risk factors associated with the application of the Glau-Sert are expected to be significantly lower because the Glau-Sert is a noninvasive device that is reversible and does not affect eyesight.
Is a specialized facility needed to perform the procedure?
No, the 30-minute procedure can be performed in an ophthalmologist’s office under local anesthetic.
What happens if the Glau-Serts does not work well and the patient wants to remove them?
The Glau-Sert is reversible and can easily and quickly be removed by the doctor. The patient’s sight will not be adversely affected by the removal process and the patient’s vision is restored to its pre-Glau-Sert state.
How long does the inserted Glau-Sert last? Does it need to be replaced? Will it wear out of over time?
The Glau-Sert is a new technological invention. Glau-Vue Ophthalmic, Inc is conducting longitudinal studies to determine its durability and longevity. The company expects the Glau-Serts to last for many years.
Are there different size Glau-Serts?
Yes, to accommodate a patient’s ethnic background and age. However only one size is inserted in each eye.